In the context of efforts to struggle with terrorism, we maintain a resolute fight against terrorist organizations like PKK/KCK, DAESH, Al Qaeda, DHKP/C, MLKP, etc. as well as FETÖ/PDY.

In this respect, FETÖ/PDY’s field of maneuver in the country has been eliminated, sources of finance have been drained, and “secluded” elements of the parallel state structure have been disclosed and brought to justice as a result of the extensive country-wide fight following the coup attempt on July 15, 2016.

Also in this period, we disclosed the users of ByLock system, which is the encrypted communication application of the organization, and the archive of the organization (the USB drive provided by the informant codenamed “Garson”), which included information on the activities against the Turkish National Police, have been decrypted and secluded structures have been disrupted.

The fight abroad against FETÖ/PDY is maintained with a systematic approach and with the contribution of intelligence services of friendly and brotherly countries in all fields where members are located by making use of technical and legal capabilities. Movements of the members at large, money traffic of the elements, contacts of the seniors in the countries they are located in and also their ongoing contacts with Türkiye, plans of the core leadership, their preparations for the future, historical rivalries and factions within this leadership are followed and actions are taken accordingly.

Within this context, terrorist acts of the organization, its experience of conspiracy, its nature as an apparatus convenient to be used against national sovereignty, and the cultic organizational structure are disclosed and activities against our country are disrupted.

In fact, a total of 114 members in 28 countries have been brought to justice since 2016 and similar efforts continue in different regions as a result of the efforts against fugitive seniors and key cadres of FETÖ/PDY.

Spreading like a cancer cell in appropriate grounds, FETÖ/PDY, as an intrinsic attribute, attempts to penetrate into all circles of society and aims at capturing political power through deception and resorting to force. We handle the fight against FETÖ/PDY in a strategic framework as a multi-dimensional counter-terrorism domain that must be maintained consistently in the long run. This fight will continue until the threat potential posed against our country has been eliminated.