Under which institution does MIT conduct its operations?
As per Law No 2937, MIT reports directly to the President.
How does MIT proceed and conclude espionage crimes?
In accordance with Law No 2937 and relevant legislations, during processes that involve following persons that are suspected to run espionage activities against our country, catching them in the act, and submitting to the court, MIT personnel are individually authorized to exercise all rights and authority granted to general constabulary.
After catching the suspect red handed, the accused, taken testimonies, and other evidence is submitted to a court authorized to prosecute espionage crimes via drafted proceeding summary.
What institutions receive intelligence services from MIT?
As per article 4 of Law No 2937, in order to provide assistance in preparation and execution of national security policies of the state, MIT provides intelligence services and meets requests from the President, Commander of Turkish Armed Forces, Secretary General of National Security Council, and relevant Ministries.
What are the obligations of other institutions and organizations in intelligence activities and operations?
As per provisions of Law No 2937, Ministries and other public institutions and organizations are obliged to create the intelligence required by their duties, obtain any news and information that may be requested by MIT, resist counter-intelligence, and submit all news and information concerning national security to MIT immediately. Besides, said public institutions and organizations are also obliged to help and support MIT personnel to the best of their ability.
As per amendment to Law No2937 via decree-law no 694 dated 25/08/2017; National Intelligence Coordination Council (MİKK) has been established with the purpose of ensuring coordination between Ministries and other public institutions and organizations to fulfil their duties and obligations, develop fundamental perspective in terms of intelligence operations, and determine implementation practices. Secretariat services for the council are conducted by MIT.
What is MIT’s relation to other public institutions and how does this relation work?
MIT is a public organization established with Law No 2937, included in general budget, reporting directly to the President. When performing the tasks and duties described in Law No 2937, our Organization ensures coordination and collaboration with relevant public institutions and organizations as per the guidelines defined in aforementioned law.
To what extent does MIT utilize technology in their operations?
MIT utilizes cutting edge technology of current communication and informatics age at the widest extent to create state intelligence.

What is MIT’s position among intelligence services of the world?
All countries of the world, regardless of their regime, have established an intelligence service in order to obtain information about interior or exterior, current or potential threats against national security in advance. Power of such organizations is proportionate to power of the state, importance and priority they attribute to security, training and experience of their personnel, and most importantly, support from their own citizens. In this perspective, MIT is among distinguished intelligence organizations of the world.
Does MIT collaborate with foreign intelligence organizations?
Globalization observed in the last few decades and recent developments in world politics and economy make it impossible for intelligence agencies to deal with all problems alone. Especially the internationalized structure of terror, weapon, drug, and weapons of mass destruction smuggling, as well as money laundering activities becoming more common forces intelligence agencies to collaborate inevitably.
Relations between intelligence agencies are defined by legal limits of said organizations’ responsibilities, national interests, and decisions of political authorities. Within this context, MIT may collaborate with intelligence agency of any country as required by interests of Türkiye. Degree of such a collaboration is defined by national interests and mutual interest principles.
Are counter intelligence operations conducted only domestically?
Counter intelligence operations involve protecting interests of our country as well as preventing threats and harmful attempts, which involve both domestic and foreign operations.
Who can be targeted by intelligence services?
Any member of the society can be targeted by intelligence services including public servants, employees of strategic institutions/organizations, political party members, civil community volunteers and other citizens.
I am not a public servant, member of a non-government organization, or in a significant position in business world. Can I still be targeted by intelligence services?
Intelligence organizations may conduct operations to polarize the society in target country, create mayhem, and social manipulation. In this context, disinformation and psychological operations may target each and every member of the society through social media platforms and media channels. Therefore, you may be targeted through such channels.
What should be done when a person or group gains pecuniary advantage by offering help and support in various matters claiming that they are MIT members?When one encounters such or similar situations, one must file a criminal complaint to Public Prosecution Office and inform MIT promptly.