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It is possible for people to fully enjoy their fundamental rights and freedoms as well as their right to live only with attaching importance to security activities.

One of the major duties of the state is to ensure peace and order in the country and to guarantee the safety of the lives and properties of its citizens under any conditions. In this context, within the framework of the defined regulations, it is necessary also to ensure the full and complete security of the important figures at the state ranks by the personnel trained in the relevant field.

Close protection activities, one of the efficient and rational methods of struggle against the security threats, mainly terrorism, which have grown considerably under today’s circumstances, are a significant aspect of the security phenomenon. Efficient close protection and security activities require good training, expertise, and a structure that can keep pace with the rapid changes and holds up-to-date technological capabilities. Thanks to the presence of these elements, not only the security units can achieve success, but also the resoluteness and capability of the attackers to commit a crime are undermined.

In this respect, “in the activities to organize close protection efforts”, namely, to counter the potential attacks against the important figures in the state ranks, it is important that the entire equipment and the activity retained for defense aims become dissuasive completely. For that reason, it is crucial for the knowledge, technique and capabilities of the security units in charge of close protection services to develop so as to render them sustainable and make them have a productive structure.

As it is the case in all security institutions of the state, “VIP Close Protection Activities” are provided also in the National Intelligence Organization (MIT) by the specially trained and equipped personnel that have expertise in this area for the important official figures for whose close protection our institution is responsible. MIT-VIP Close Protection unit not only carries out the activity individually, but depending on the knowledge and experience of the personnel with expertise, also organizes training programs for the official parties that need assistance.

Our Organization has the special training capabilities which limited number of Services possess in the world. These capabilities contribute greatly to the close protection services performed actively as well as to the training provided.

In line with the sensitivity of the activity carried out in this field, the training capabilities of the MIT with special design and equipment include several components like the organization, expert personnel, shooting range and other elements of infrastructure, and equipment. Areas of training are used according to the specialty of the class and also are considered as a laboratory of the expert personnel, thus giving the opportunity for the development of new techniques. With all these capabilities, the expert close protection personnel who always have to keep themselves effective and at higher standards are able to meet the training needs in the desired way

You may find below some training programs that the MIT provides in the fields of close protection/defense:

    Training on the Organization of VIP Close Protection include the following:
  • Theoretical and practical training on the organization of VIP Close Protection
  • Reconnaissance activities on the VIP Security
  • First Aid Methods that the Expert Personnel on VIP Close Protection have to know
  • Search Methods that that the Expert Personnel on VIP Close Protection have to know
  • Weapons that the Expert Close Protection Personnel Use and Mechanical Marksmanship Training
  • Sports Activities For Daily Fitness
  • Firing Techniques Special to the Scenarios Created For VIP Security.

These subjects can be provided at basic or advanced level.

    Counter Attack Team Training:
  • This training involves the structure, tasks in all fields and special firing techniques of the team which is picked from among the expert personnel that work within the ideal “VIP Close Protection efforts”.
    Tactical Firing Training:
  • This training aims to improve the ability of the security members, who undertake tasks with security risk other than the VIP Close Protection, to use weapons for defensive aims (indoors/outdoors, building/room entrances, from inside a vehicle, etc.) and also to establish their positions.