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Hamza GÜRGÜÇ (1913 - 1988)


Hamza Gürgüç (born 1913) graduated from the Turkish Military Academy in 1933 and held various positions at the Turkish Armed Forces at home and abroad. He was promoted to Brigadier General in 1961 and served as Turkish Deputy at the Southeast Europe Allied Land Forces Command headquarters. In 1965, Gürgüç was promoted to Major General and assumed the command of the 15th Corps. He became Deputy Administrative Aide-de-Camp at the Land Forces Command in 1966, Lieutenant General and Turkish Military Representative to CENTO in 1967, Head of Intelligence at the Office of the Military Chief of Staff in 1968 and Commander of the 8th Corps in 1969.  Gürgüç was promoted to Four-Star General in 1970 and became a member of the Supreme Military Council before assuming the command of the 3rd Army and retiring in 1974. He served as Undersecretary between 25 November 1974 and 13 July 1978.

Hamza Gürgüç passed away in 1988.