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Şükrü Ali ÖGEL (1886-1973)


Şükrü Ali Ögel (born 1886) graduated from the Turkish Military Academy and joined the Armed Forces on 13 August 1909 with the rank of Lieutenant to serve on the Staff Board of the Western Front during the War of Independence. He served on the Straits Commission in 1925-26 and supervised efforts to establish the Directorate of National Security Services. Ögel was appointed as Director on 25 December 1926 with the rank of Staff Lieutenant Colonel. He was promoted to Staff Colonel on 22 December 1928 and retired from the Armed Forces on 22 December 1936. Ögel was elected to Parliament on 13 April 1937 to replace Abdülhak Hamit Tarhan and represented Istanbul in the fifth, sixth and seventh terms.

Fluent in French and Russian, Şükrü Âli Ögel held the positions of Member of Parliament and Director of the National Security Services between 25 May 1937 and 7 July 1941.

He resigned from the Directorate on 7 July 1941 over his disagreements with the then-Prime Minister Refik Saydam and passed away on 1 June 1937.