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Mehmet Naci PERKEL (1889-1969)


Mehmet Naci Perkel (born 1889) graduated from the Turkish Military Academy and joined the Armed Forces in 1909 with the rank of Lieutenant to fight in the First World War in 1912-13. He fought on the Iraq front during the World War, was taken prisoner by the British forces at the Battle of Kut al-Amara and held at camps in India for five years. Upon his release in 1920, Perkel went to Istanbul. He joined the National Army two years later and fought on the Western Front.

During the Republican period, he joined the Directorate of National Security Services as Staff Major in 1929 and became Deputy Director five years later. He retired from the Armed Forces the same year and continued his service as a civilian. Perkel was appointed as Director of National Security Services following Şükrü Ali Ögel’s departure on 1 August 1941 and held this position until 13 October 1953, when he was appointed as Ambassador to Baghdad.

Perkel retired in 1954 and passed away in 1969.