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Emin ÇOBANOĞLU (1901-1983)


Emin Çobanoğlu (born 1901) graduated from the Turkish Military Academy and joined the Directorate of National Security Services on 27 August 1954 as Staff Colonel after holding various positions at the Armed Forces. He resigned from the military and held various positions as a civilian before becoming Acting Director on 27 March 1957 upon Behçet Türkmen’s resignation.

Having remained in office until 18 April 1957, Çobanoğlu was replaced by the Undersecretary of the Prime Ministry Ahmet Salih Korur before returning to his post on 23 September 1957.

Holding this position until 21 November 1957, he was replaced by Hüseyin Avni Göktürk yet continued to work at the Organization as an Expert Advisor until his retirement on 18 July 1960.

Fluent in French and Greek, Emin Çobanoğlu passed away in 1983.