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Hüseyin Avni GÖKTÜRK (1901-1983)


Hüseyin Avni Göktürk (born 1901) completed his studies at Istanbul University’s School of Law in 1927 before receiving a master’s degree from the School of Law in Geneva and his doctorate from the Berlin School of Law before returning to Türkiye in 1934.

Upon his return, he served as a faculty member at Ankara University’s School of Law and School of Political Science to become a professor six years later. Göktürk was appointed as Undersecretary of the Ministry of Labor in 1946 and joined the Parliament in 1954-57. During the same period, he served as Justice Minister and Acting Interior Minister.

Göktürk was appointed as Director of the National Security Services on 20 November 1957, assumed his position the following day and remained in office until 21 July 1959, when he was appointed as the Chairman of the Executive Board of the Bank for Industrial Development.

Hüseyin Avni Göktürk returned to Parliament as Senator for Niğde in 1966-75 and passed away in 1983.