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Ahmet Salih KORUR (1905-1982)


Ahmet Salih Korur (born 1905) was a graduate of the Topkapı Military High School. He worked at military factories in Ankara during the War of Independence before joining the Directorate General of Land Registry and Cadastre in 1925, where he was promoted to Director-General after twenty years of service. Meanwhile, he graduated from Ankara University’s School of Law in 1935. He was appointed as Director General of Land and Settlement Activities in 1946 and Undersecretary of the Prime Ministry in 1950, which he held until retiring on 27 May 1960.

During his tenure as Undersecretary of the Prime Ministry, Korur served as Acting Director of the National Security Services on 18 April-23 September 1957 and again on 21 July-2 October 1959.

Ahmet Salih Korur passed away on 2 February 1982.