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Mehmet Fuat DOĞU (1914-2004 )


Mehmet Fuat Doğu (born 1914) was a graduate of the Turkish Military Academy. Upon holding various positions within the Turkish Armed Forces, he was appointed to the Directorate of the National Security Service as Staff Lieutenant Colonel on 14 September 1954. He was appointed Director of the National Security on 27 August 1962 and remained in his post until 25 August 1964, when he was appointed as Commander of the 59th Division in Sivas.

On 1 March 1966, Doğu was appointed as Undersecretary again and served until 23 July 1971. He subsequently remained a member of the Military Chief of Staff’s Monitoring Board and retired from the Armed Forces as Lieutenant General the same year. Doğu served as Türkiye’s Ambassador to Lisbon until 1978.

Mehmet Fuat Doğu passed away on 31 May 2004.