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Nurettin ERSİN (1918 - 2005)


Nurettin Ersin (born 1918) graduated from the Turkish Military Academy before joining the Turkish Armed Forces in 1937 and holding various positions at home and abroad. He was appointed as Brigadier General and became Deputy Chief of Staff of the Third Army in 1964. In 1966-67, he served as Commander of the 66th Division and appointed as Department Chief the same year. During his tenure, he was promoted to Major General in 1967 and returned to the Armed Forces in 1969-70 as Commander of the 4th Infantry Division. He was appointed as Lieutenant General in 1971 and became Western Range Commander. He served as Undersecretary between 2 August 1971 and 25 July 1973 before leaving the National Intelligence Organization to became Commanger of the Turkish Peace Forces in Cyprus and being promoted to Four-Star General in 1974. He held the positions of Commander General of the Gendarmerie, Secretary General of the National Security Council and Commander of the Land Forces, and served on the National Security Council after the 12 September 1980 coup d’état. Ersin became Military Chief of Staff in 1983, retired from the Armed Forces the same year and served on the Presidency Council until 1989.

Nurettin Ersin passed away on 3 October 2005.