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Are the members of the MIT entitled to carry guns?

The personnel of the MIT are entitled to carry their registered official guns or their personal guns with a carrying license everywhere, including residential areas, during their period of service in accordance with Article 25 of Law 2937 and the related regulations.

In which cases are the personnel of the MIT entitled to use the rights and powers granted to the police?

In accordance with the regulation brought into force in line with the Article 6 of the Law 2937, the rights and powers (such as checking identity cards, searching, confiscating, seizing and questioning) granted to the law enforcements authorities are used by the MIT personnel that;
work for protection and security purposes so as to eliminate attacks and sabotages against all facilities, buildings and vehicles, and personnel of the Organization, and carry out operations on internal security and counter-intelligence activities.

Although it is a general rule that in using these rights and powers the MIT personnel should cooperate with security forces, our personnel working on counter-intelligence (Counter/Espionage) activities can use the entire rights and powers granted to general law enforcement authorities.

Under which circumstances can a personnel of your Organization disclose his/her identity?

Although secrecy is a general principle, the personnel of the MIT can disclose their identities when need be and during the execution of their mission outlined by the Article 4 of the Law 2937.

Does everybody working at the MIT know each other? If so, do they know each other with their real identities or code names?

The MIT is an official institution and its members working both outside and all over Türkiye are government officials. Due to the geographic conditions and the uniqueness of their duties, they work in different environments and places. People working under such conditions will know each other only as much as their working environment enables them to do so, and they certainly know each other by their real names.

Can a university student intern in the MIT?

Since the Undersecretariat of MIT works in accordance with the principle of secrecy, nobody can intern in our Organization.