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I passed the KPSS and would like to work in the Undersecretariat of MIT on a permanent basis. Is it possible?

The general procedures and principles that regulate the recruitment of personnel that will be appointed in a public service for the first time and the examinations that are held so as to preselect the persons for positions that require a specific competition exam in public organizations and institutions are regulated by the “General Code on the Exams Held to Recruit Personnel For The First Time in Public Services”. The Undersecretariat of MIT is not included in the context of the provisions of the mentioned Code.

However, when need be, the type of the scores of KPSS and the minimum points required for preliminary applications are noted in the exam advertisements that are made public.

Can individuals with deferred military obligation apply to the Undersecretariat for recruitment?

In the context of the Undersecretariat’s requirements, personnel with deferred military obligation can be recruited in certain fields of service.

Can women work in the Undersecretariat of MIT?

There is no obstacle hindering women to serve in the MIT. Several women are currently working in our Organization in numerous levels and positions, including administrative ones.

The recruitment of female officers is done on the basis of the service requirement of our Organization.

I am a Civil Servant. Can I be transferred to your Organization?

The related provisions of the Law 657 on Civil Servants and the special regulations of our Organization shall apply regarding transfers to our Undersecretariat.

On what basis are the employee rights of the personnel working in the Undersecretariat of MIT defined?

The employee rights of the personnel working in the Undersecretariat of MIT are defined in accordance with the provisions of Laws 657 and 2937.

Can the personnel of the Undersecretariat of MIT study for postgraduate or doctorate degrees while serving there?

The Undersecretariat of MIT has embraced the philosophy of “improvement for life”. Thus, our personnel have the ability to study for postgraduate and doctorate degrees in case these studies conform to their alma maters and the knowledge that they would acquire from the mentioned studies contribute to their current positions.