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What does the separation of Internal and External intelligence mean?

Internal and external intelligence services are separate in certain countries but the geo-strategic position of Türkiye, regional and international problems, conflicts of interest, the interference of political, economic, military and security issues render it mandatory for Türkiye to handle internal and external threats as a whole in the efforts to collect and analyze information. As a matter of fact, due to its legal obligations, the Undersecretariat of MIT is charged to generate “State level” intelligence that will be supplied by internal and external sources.

Whose telephones are being tapped? How can I find out whether my telephone is being tapped?

Tapping phones is a process which is applied only under special circumstances defined in the related laws and a court decision is required to do that. There is no reason for one to fear if he/she is not involved within or outside the country in activities, which create a threat to the territorial and national integrity, existence, independence, security, Constitutional order and the elements which form the national power of the Republic of Türkiye or if he/she has not fallen into the hands of other foreign intelligence agencies. However, if you still have doubts about your phone being tapped, you can apply to the offices of the Public Prosecutor for an investigation.

Do you have a special hotline for those who want to report on a certain matter? If there is one, why don't you let it be known by the public?

The MIT does not have a special hotline for public reporting. However, the message form (How you can help) on MIT’s webpage can be used for this purpose, and the information received from the messages is evaluated.

Does your Organization have anything to do with the groups using the name or the emblem of the MIT in certain social networking sites?

Our Organization has no online connection other than our own website. For this reason, one should not accredit such groups that use the name or the emblem of the MIT.

Can I use online or in any other form the information located in the website of the MIT or its emblem?

The falsification of any information located in the website of our Organization or the usage of our emblem or photographs are subject to criminal prosecution. Moreover, in case our name is used that would require legal action, our Organization files legal complaints to the related authorities in accordance with related legislations.

What is the legal action that should be executed against individuals and groups that acquire financial gains by claiming that they could help people on different subjects, asserting that they are the personnel of the MIT?

In case such occasions take place, one should file a legal complaint to the Public Prosecutor’s Office and inform the Undersecretariat of MIT.

Is the "Intelligence Officer – MIT Officer" stereotype depicted in TV series and movies fitting what it is in reality?

The personnel of the National Intelligence Organization are civil servants, serving under the “Law 2937 on State Intelligence Services and the National Intelligence Organization”.

So as to market their works, scriptwriters tend to add excitement and attraction to their scenarios, naturally beyond reality.

When movie producers expand the gap between fiction and reality, focusing on the characters that they create, misunderstandings might come along.

The audience should not ignore the fact that such productions contain commercial considerations.