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Constituent facts of intelligence, and threat perceptions and security priorities of states have changed dramatically as of early 21st century and settled in a more dynamic frame than ever before. The rise of the Information Age, spread of the Internet and the new terrorism phenomena –by influencing the security and political systems of nations - have complicated the intelligence generation process that helps decision makers produce the most correct policies. Intelligence Studies have emerged as an “academic field” that study intelligence activities occurring in a complicated atmosphere.

MIT established the Intelligence Research Center (ISAMER) under the Training Center of National Intelligence Organization (MITEM) in 2011 in order to follow the academic developments in global intelligence circles and make scientific contributions in the domain of Intelligence Studies. Today, this Center operates under the Intelligence Academy and Training Center (ISAKEM) that replaced MITEM.

Availing the human resources with academic qualification and investigative competence, ISAMER sustains its researches addressing the important issues of intelligence discipline, and distinctive and innovative information production offering remedial, solution-oriented and applicable methods for the workflow of intelligence activities. Besides, scientific studies and achievements of ISAMER are shared with “authorized” researchers and academic circles in order to contribute to the progress of Turkish Intelligence Literature.

The following studies and missions are fulfilled at ISAKEM:

To study and follow the global intelligence literature, conduct academic studies in intelligence field and encourage such scientific studies among the MIT staff and Turkish academicians;

To produce or procure the training and research materials the MIT training and operational units require;

To organize seminars, conferences, workshops and panel discussions at institutional, national and international levels, and participate in activities held at home and abroad;

To develop cooperation with prominent institutions, academicians and foreign services active in the domain of Intelligence Studies.

This is what ISAMER’s vision is:

“To be an academic Center consulted with regard to Intelligence Studies, and influential and highly respected in the solution of global intelligence problems…”