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Considering Türkiye’s geopolitical position, interests of foreign countries/services towards our country and Türkiye’s advancement in the last 25 years especially in defense industry, it is deemed important to create a common sense of Counter Intelligence (C/I) in public, starting from the personnel working in strategical public institutions and organizations.

Accordingly, “C/I and Strategic Cooperation Briefings” are organized by our Service to create awareness and raise current levels of awareness of critical personnel in strategic institutions/organizations and private firms.

So far, our Service has reached to 21,593 personnel, consisting of senior managers, engineers and experts in 411 institutions and has provided 259 “C/I and Strategic Cooperation Briefings”. Considering the fact that participants pass on the information gathered from the briefings to other critical personnel they work with, it is possible to say that these briefings reach to a broader audience in the course.

Aforementioned efforts continue in line with the requests of relevant organizations and institutions.

In briefings, information is provided on the following topics:

-A short introduction of the MIT (authority and responsibility),
-Duties of public institutions in this issue,
-Scope of Counter Intelligence,
-Principles of cooperation perspective,
-Protective security and points to consider individually,
-Case studies (Past operations of our Service against individuals working in strategic institutions),
-Points to consider by Turkish citizens appointed abroad (Common methods in foreign services’ works),
-Practices and measures in technical Counter Intelligence.,

In the context of the importance of C/I bears and the point our country has reached in recent years, the defense industry became the main priority of the implemented activities. In order to contribute to the development of local defense industry and to the rise of international competitive capacity, efforts of countering foreign elements’ activities directed against Türkiye’s defense industry are supported by means of concentrating on the protection of critical information and therefore efforts are put into developing cooperation between strategic institutions and the MIT.



Since the concept of supporting the interest of our citizens and our country is central in conducted works, it is important to remember that intelligence gathering and counter intelligence activities cannot be left only at MIT’s endeavor; it requires an all-out effort together with all national entities of the country.