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The National Intelligence Organization was created by the National Intelligence Organization Act (Law No.644 dated 6 July 1965). It originally reported to the Office of the Prime Minister.

On 1 January 1984, Law No.644, which remained in effect for more than 18 years, was replaced by the State Intelligence Services and the National Intelligence Organization Act (Law No.2937) to address practical problems, fix loopholes and adapt the legal framework to global conditions in a rapidly changing world.

Law No.2937 refers to the creation and overall responsibilities of the National Intelligence Organization in general terms yet ensures due secrecy and flexibility by allowing all remaining matters –including the number, names and specific tasks of individual departments and other issues relevant to the Organization’s internal structure— to be addressed through confidential circular issued by the Prime Ministry.

Another important distinction between the two laws is that the Organization reports directly to the Prime Minister, as opposed to the Prime Ministry, under Law No.2937. Provided that the Prime Minister, along with the Council of Ministers, is constitutionally responsible for implementing the government’s general policy, the Organization was expected to report directly to the Prime Minister.

In 2017, the National Intelligence Organization was subordinated to the Presidency.